The Team

xCube team is group of experienced professionals of which each individually brings in between 15 and 25 years of experience in areas of R&D, SW/HW development, telecommunication, system integration, engineering, business development and finance.

Board of Directors

Amit Vujic, CEO, founder, BSc IS is an experienced professional system architect and entrepreneur with over 12 years in business leadership, software development, project management and system integration. Mr Vujic has several patents registered to his name and is the inventor of numerous software applications for Mobile & Banking Payment systems.

Aleksandar Kocevic, BDM/CFO, BSc Banking and Finance, has over 25 years of banking/payment and ICT industry with a track record for strategic planning, developing new market opportunities, product leadership and structuring innovative partnerships, inclusive more than 15 years of work on business development, project management and new products implementation.

Zoran Milosavljevic, CTO, BSc EE is an experienced professional and innovator with more then 12 years in area of micro-controllers, robotics, electronics design, low level programming and embedded devices.

David Vuich, Non-Executive Director – Western Hemisphere, has over thirty years experience in the defense, aerospace, and transportation-related industries and has held key executive positions with several leading U.S. and international firms. As a professional staff member of the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee for Defense and Military Construction, He acted as the principle advisor to the Committee Chairman, providing recommendations with respect to the obligation of funding for military equipment and services for the USA Department of Defense.

PROFILE: U.S. Domestic and International Trade Development, Marketing and Sales, Government and Legislative Affairs, Lobby, Public/Media Relations.

PROFESSIONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Designed, Developed, Implemented, and Conducted a myriad of business development programs with emphasis towards the successful promotion and sale of the following products and services: Military/Commercial and Multi Operational Aircraft, Aviation Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul Facilities, Inter-model Transportation Systems, Environmental Technologies, Energy, Power Distribution Systems, Preventive-Predictive Maintenance, Affordable Housing Technologies, Outsourcing, Privatization, Co-Production Methodologies, Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Teaming, Agent/Representation, Distribution Networks

Tesla Science Foundation, Chairman
US-Serbia Business Council, Board of Directors
American-Serbian Voters Alliance, Founder, President
Serbian Anti Defamation Association, Board of Directors
American Military Housing Services, Inc. Founder, Chief Development Officer
Business Council of International Understanding, Advisory Council
Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, California, Board of Directors
National Press Club, Board of Directors
National Republican Club
Opera Camarata of D.C., Board of Directors
Summer Opera Theatre, Washington, D.C. Board of Directors
We Will Survive Cancer, Founder, Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Prof. PhD Srbobran Brankovic, researcher, market and political analyst, expert of Big Data Analytics and sociology science and, entrepreneur is founder and President of TNS Medium Gallup Serbia, a leading market research company in South East Europe. TNS Medium Gallup Serbia is a part of three world largest chains: TNS Group, Gallup International Association and WPP Kantar group. Mr. Brankovic is a professor of Media and Communications on Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration in Belgrade (Serbia) and professor at University of Nis – Faculty of Philosophy (Serbia). He headed a number of commercial research projects in the field of market, media and public opinion, for both local and foreign clients, such as: Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, US Steel, Reynolds Tobacco, Alaid Domeq, Telenor, Procter&Gamble, Unilever, US Steel, World Bank, National Bank of Serbia, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Voice of America, BBC, OSCE, The International Red Cross Committee, DAI, OTI/DTI, ACDI/VOCA, CHF, IRD, MERCY CORPS, KPMG, IRI, NDI, USAID, Government of Serbia, Government of Montenegro, Government of FYR Macedonia, and many others.