For investors

Currently, xCube International Corp. has an open call for Series A Round of Investment to raising the working capital for the purpose of:

  • enlargement of the R&D team and to hire new employees for extending operations
  • improvement and extending the IP portfolios
  • development of additional types of product & value-added services
  • establishment of world wide sales and distributive channels
  • marketing and branding
  • launch of an attractive range of patented products and service to the World Wide market
  • general liquidity purpose

xCube International Corp. looking not only for equity investors, but also for Project investment sponsors, as well as a syndicate of banks or other lending institutions that could be interested to provide long-term financing of high-profitable retrofit infrastructure projects in public as well as private sector, including the 10+ concession projects based on ESCO, EPC & PPP principles.

The company has three money making divisions:

  • xCube hardware manufacturing division
  • xCube Software as a Service (SaaS) division
  • xCube Value-Added Service division

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